SAVE AUSTRALIA - Limited Edition Tote Bag + Record Set

$15.00 USD

ECH has joined forces with Australia's wildest band the Gooch Palms to create a limited edition fundraiser bundle so you can be charitable in style! We are offering a copy of their second LP Introverted Extroverts to accompany this brand new tote bag emblazoned with LA based artist Michael Adams' original design, and 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society International, helping animals in need during the Australia Bushfires. 

For a $15 donation you will receive the tote, for a $20 donation you will get the record, OR for a $30 Donation to the Animal Rescue Fund you can get both!

 *14" x 14" Tote Bag

*Vinyl Tracklisting:

  1. Living Room Bop
  2. Tiny Insight
  3. Ask Me Why
  4. Invisible Man
  5. G.P.B.N.O.
  6. Sleep Disorder
  7. Standing in Line
  8. Long Gone
  9. Eat Up Ya Beans
  10. Don't Look Me Up
  11. If You Want It
  12. Trackside Daze
  13. Wasting No Time

                        DON'T 4GET ABOUT ME!